What is a Christian

Christians believe there is a God and the Bible is God's word. Everyone lives after death, either with God or separated from God. Everyone has done things God does not like (sin) and the punishment for these acts is eternal separation from God. God sent his son (Jesus) to assume the punishment for these sins by his death on the cross. Then he arose from the grave after three days. Our sins are forgiven if we confess that we are sinners and allow Jesus to become our Lord and to take our punishment.
The Bible is a collection of books. The books are made up of chapters and verses. A reference such as "John 3:16" refers to the book of John, the third chapter and sixteenth verse.
Many people are looking for God. If you're one of those people, we'd like to share with you that the Bible has what you are seeking. It contains answers to life's vital questions, and can help you understand how to have a right relationship with God.